Frequently asked questions

What kind of trailer / dwelling are permitted at Lakeshore RV Properties?

Lakeshore RV Properties subdivision is zoned "RPM Park Model District.


-Be approved by the Dominant Land Owner - Olson's Ventures and RM of Big River

-Must be CSA Certified - Z240, Z241or A277

-Be inspected if they are over 15 years of age or have noticeable deterioration or damage.

To ensure:

- The dwellings are in good shape and safe

- Structurally Sound

- Electrical, Plumbing, Gas are in safe working order, etc.

-Manufactured and Modular Dwellings (CSA - A277) require a building permit from the RM of Big River 555

A copy of the Rural Municipality of Big River, SK 555 Zoning Bylaws is available at the office of RM Big River 555